A Green Earth for the Future

JIFPRO extends its own afforestation and reforestation scheme in the tropics with the “Tropical Forest Conservation and Afforestation Fund”. The Fund was founded by JIFPRO in 1991 with the objectives to restore the global environment, to improve the livelihood of local communities and to promote friendship between various nations. The Fund is largely made up of contributions from two sources: one source is the donations received widely from citizens, companies and organizations in Japan; and the other is grants from various funds set up by different bodies in Japan, specifically for the conservation of the global environment.

With this Fund so far a total of thirty-seven projects, large and small, have been implemented in five countries in Southeast Asia, in cooperation with central and/or local administrative agencies of those countries. As of the end of March, 2022, a total of about 8,868 hectares of wasteland, as large as Hong Kong Island, have turned into green land through these projects.