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JIFPRO’s Knowledge Program

There are many forest resources in developing countries, and many attempts are being tried, to both conserve the forest while raising the livelihoods of the surrounding communities. However, these activities may not always be sustainable or self-sustaining. The recent spread of infectious diseases could have also affected these activities in some areas.

[JIFPRO’s “Knowledge Program”]

Japan International Forestry Promotion and Cooperation Center (JIFPRO) launched Applying Japanese Knowledge for Forests in the Developing Countries Program in 2020 (-March 2025), aiming to address these issues. The Program is funded by the Forestry Agency of Japan.

In this Program, each Projects selected some Japanese Knowledge, which could be applied somewhere in their business value chain trying to utilize some forest resource; expecting that applying contributes to solving/improving the issues found before (at its baseline). Series of empirical research activities, applying the Knowledge selected, followed in each Project cases; aiming that it contributes to sustainable forest resource use found in the targeted country, and raising livelihoods of the surrounding communities.

[Program’s website “ChiePro”]

This website “ChiePro” is a free open source, to learn about the Japanese Knowledge selected and applied in the Program’s Project cases. JIFPRO welcomes everyone to read and see the various interesting Japanese Knowledges – which includes wisdom, expertise, and technology; and to consider if it may also be applicable in your countries and cases; to improve or solve the issues in your value chain for sustainable forest resource use.

Chie Pro was launched in March 2021, and the English page became available in April 2024. JIFPRO hopes the information here could contribute to your countries sustainable forest management and raising communities livelihoods, and hence advancing your steps towards United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals and global climate change actions goals.


ChiePro’s information is provided from multiple experts, companies and organizations; and the English texts are translated versions of the original text. Some information may have become inaccurate or be transformed due to these reasons. Please be fully aware that JIFPRO is not responsible for any damages nor disadvantages, if caused from using information posted on this website.

Knowledge Applied Models

We are currently expected to follow the SDGs goals set by the United Nations. Business activities, utilizing forests and its resources in developing countries (forest business), must also treat forest resources in a sustainable manner, and continuously contribute to the local community’s livelihood. Business, on the other hand, often carry various issues in its chain.

In Knowledge Program, managed by JIFPRO, several bottleneck issues lying in the Project’s business cases were identified; and Knowledge Applied Model were developed. The Models wisely applies Knowledge (wisdom, expertise, and technology) in Japan, or “country of forest,” to overcome the issues in each country cases.

The Knowledge Applied Model in ChiePro is a collection of these Project cases. These cases cover a variety of subjects and stages. The Models are also unique, focusing on different subjects and regions. JIFPRO welcomes you to refer the Models to seek for some clues and hints for your forestry business planning.

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