Japan International Forestry Promotion and Cooperation Center
Information and Education

Information and Education
Issuing Publications, Collecting and Disseminating Information

JIFPRO issues two Japanese periodicals. One is a technical journal, "Japanese Journal of International Forest and Forestry"(originally issued under the name, "The Tropical Forestry"); and the other is a general journal, "The Green Earth". On a non-regular basis JIFPRO publishes technical textbooks. JIFPRO also collects and analyzes domestic and overseas information on forests and forestry, focusing especially on tropical forests, and provides access to this collected information to whomever needs it.

Campaigns to Develop Public Awareness

Making appeals, to the public, on the importance of global forestry promotion for the conservation of the global environment is vital work. JIFPRO produces educational and informational materials for the general public on global forestry / environmental issues, such as brochures, panels, CDs and video tapes. Some are donated to NGOs and schools in Japan and some to foreign institutions.

Panels on public display at a forestry promotion event held in Tokyo

Publicity activities at international conferences: Posters and digital media on display at COP*12 of UNFCCC, held in Nairobi, Kenya

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Holding Informational Meetings

JIFPRO holds informational meetings such as forums concerning global forestry/environmental issues. Since 2001 JIFPRO has held the International Forum on A/R CDM annually, inviting lecturers from home and abroad. The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) is a mechanism to contribute to climate change mitigation, asdefined in the Kyoto Protocol, and the Afforestation/Reforestation CDM (A/R CDM) project activity is receiving increased attention from the private sector, both corporations and NGOs. Industrial corporations understand how their involvement with the activity is a new opportunity for business as well as a new way for them to contribute to the good of society. NGOs see this field as a new sphere of activity and a new way to make their work more meaningful. The aim of the forum is to provide fundamental information such as concrete know-how and predictable problems concerning the implementation of A/R CDM projects.

And after each session of the UNFCCC Convention JIFPRO sponsors a briefing, for the private sector, on the progress and decisions on relevant forest and forestryrelated topics made at the talks.

The 2006 session of International Forum on A/R CDM, held in Tokyo