This database provides on-site information on tree trunk diameter and tree height growths, biomass accumulation, management costs, etc of the artificial forests in the tropics.

In the cases of conducting afforestation and/or reforestation Clean Development Mechanism (A/R CDM) under the Kyoto Protocol in the tropics, useful information will be obtained from this database.

This database contains plantation data mostly from three countries in the tropics of Southeast Asia and some neighboring countries.

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Research activities in this database were carried out as collaboration among the Japan International Forestry Promotion & Cooperation Center (JIFPRO), the Department of National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation of Thailand the Forest Research and Development Agency, Ministry of Forestry of Indonesia (FORDA), and the Sabah Forestry Development Authority (SAFODA). We thank the researchers and staffes in above Institutes for their support and encouragement of this study.

Copyright of the database is all researved by the Japan International Forestry Promotion & Cooperation Center (JIFPRO). When you quote the data on this database, you must describe the URL of the database "".

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