Japan International Forestry Promotion and Cooperation Center
Support for Private Sector Efforts in International Forestry Cooperation

JIFPRO supports and facilitates Japanese private sector cooperation to promote sustainable management and conservation of forests in developing countries by providing financial assistance, information and advice.
Support for the Formation of NGO Projects

JIFPRO provides grants to support international forestry activities of NGOs. Under this programme JIFPRO helps NGOs conduct feasibility studies and formulate projects. So far these grants have supported a total of 99 such studies by 96 different NGOs.

Feasibility study in Bourkina Fasso: Collecting local opinions on the environment and living conditions (Action for Greening Sahel)

Feasibility study in India: Field survey for the restoration of deforested land resulting from slash-and-burn shifting cultivation (People to People Aid)

Support for NGOs to Run Capacity Building Workshops for Counterparts

JIFPRO also supports NGOs through grants to run capacity building workshops for counterparts from developing countries. The NGOs, in turn, issue invitations and travel subsidies to their counterparts in developing countries, to attend these workshops,held in Japan. So far a total of 54 NGOs and, in turn, 283 trainees from developing countries, have been supported by this programme

Capacity building workshop, in Japan, presented by NGOs for peers from abroad: Trainees from China, participating in forest improvement activities with Japanese volunteers (Green Earth Center)

Capacity building workshop, in Japan, presented by NGOs for peers from abroad: Trainees from Indonesia on a field trip to a forest improvement project site (OISCA-International)

Support for NGOs to Extend Their Collaborations with International Society

JIFPRO provides financial assistance to NGOs insupport of their attendance at conventions of international scope and participation, focused on the promotion of sustainable management and conservation of forests, thereby furthering partnerships with international society.

NGOs in attendance at conventions with international scope: Participation in the 2nd Meeting of Asia Forest Partnership (AFP) (FoE Japan)

Other NGO Back-up Support

JIFPRO hosts an annual meeting for NGOs engaged in cooperative foreign programmes in the field of forestry for the purpose of facilitating the exchange of information and of developing networks among these NGOs. JIFPRO also surveys the present status and achievements of Japanese NGO activities in international forestry cooperation and posts its findings in an open database on its website in support of encouraging more private-sector efforts in this field.