Japan International Forestry Promotion and Cooperation Center
What JIFPRO aim at

Toward the Reforestation of a Green Earth

When issues of the global environment, such as global warming, become more and more critical, it is a matter of urgency for international society to advance sustainable techniques for the management and conservation of forests on a worldwide basis and especially in the tropics.

For life on earth to be sustained and graced with the rich benefits of forests, in the future, the Japan International Forestry Promotion and Cooperation CenteriJIFPRO) advocates the idea of recreating a Green Earth. To promote private sector participation in international forestry cooperation toward this aim, JIFPRO carries out a variety of programmes that can be categorized into six activities shown in a figure below. To bequeath a Green Earth to our descendants is the ultimate wish of JIFPRO, and toward this goal, JIFPRO continues its endeavours.